Trip to Vancouver BC

Trip to Vancouver, British Columbia

On January 8th, 2023–the morning after my 40th birthday–I headed to Vancouver BC with my partner and caregiver.

I was met with generosity, kindness, excitement, and warmth. I was there to bring my Disability Justice Dreaming circles to two galleries: the Vancouver Art Gallery, where I was a guest artist in my friend Carmen Papalia’s exhibition “Provisional Structure 1,” and Gallery Gachet, a community gallery in the Downtown Eastside.

The Disability Justice Circles drew 8-10 or more Disabled participants per session. There was access equipment such as blankets, ear muffs to dim the din, heating pads, low light, a comfortable temperature, no fragrances, etc. People opened their hearts and minds to imagine worlds beyond the impossible.

Meanwhile, between gatherings, I was exploring Vancouver in my power chair. My chair is incredibly liberating, allowing me to go several miles in one trip without getting fatigued. I visited museums and galleries, rode the sea bus to the Shipyards, ate delicious steak, shopped, and enjoyed myself.

Folks talked about bringing me back next year, and that would be so delightful. I’m so grateful for the connections I made in Vancouver, and for the joy of being an international social practice artist.

Trip to Vancouver BC

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