Cross-Movement Organizing

Cross-Movement Organizing

Cross-movement organizing is being in solidarity with other struggles for liberation and justice. Solidarity means working together and supporting each other. 

In Disability Justice, we share our wisdom and learnings with people who are fighting against many forms of oppression, including racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, and more. We ask that other movements for justice work against ableism both in their movements and in the outside world. We are also committed to work toward Disability Justice including other anti-oppressions.

This is vital because, “We do not live single-issue lives” (Audre Lorde). Going back to the topic of intersecting identities, each of us lives at unique intersections of identity and experiences of oppression and privilege. In order to be fully liberated, we as individuals and communities need all people to be liberated.

  • Disability Justice needs to include work against all other forms of oppression.
  • Work for liberation from other forms of oppression needs to include Disability Justice.

In this way, we can create the most justice for the most people.

Cross-Movement Organizing
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